The history of Toxandria.

Since 1928

The North Brabantsche Golf Club Toxandria was founded on 5 July 1928 and was the first in Brabant and Limburg. Charles Rami, a well-known Breda industrialist, bought the ground and founded the club. It was important for his company and for the city of Breda that a golf course would come close by. In the autumn of 1928, Copijn van Groenekan began the construction of the design of course-architect Harry S. Colt. He designed nine beautiful holes for the spacious 43 hectares mainly consisting of wild sandy land with heath. The runway was opened on 14 September 1929.

A close group

In the meantime, 118 playing members had signed up; So little to current notions, but in the Netherlands, less than 1700 people played golf. The ten clubs were all small. Soon even that number was under pressure, it fell to around 100 by the recession that began in 1929. It was a close group of friends and girlfriends, that each weekend in Molenschot Struck. During the week there was hardly any play.


Paradoxically, it was the poor economic conditions that made it possible for enlargement to be a full eighteen-hole course. The construction was made payable by the subsidies granted by the government to get the unemployed to work. The design (on the existing terrain) was by Secretary Wim Tahir. John Morrison approved the plan. The eighteen hole course could be put into use in 1937.

From the war to recovery

In The Second World War, Toxandria got it hard. Nearby was a military flight base, which was of course the target of Allied air raids. The German occupier used a portion of the terrain to defend the base, and the clubhouse was confiscated. They continued to play golf, as good and as bad as that could be, but the number of members fell to only 53. After the war, the recovery lasted for some years, but in 1950, Toxandria was able to accommodate the international Open, which won the Argentine Roberto de Vicenzo. Once again, in 1965, the most important tournament of the Netherlands played on the track in Molenschot, but that was the last time. The event became too big for Toxandria.

to today

After the association got the course in 1984, investment became easier. Extra ground made it possible to create two new holes (in 1994), the fifth and sixth, creating more space elsewhere on the terrain. Course Architect J.F. Dudok van Heel designed the expansion, and now the trees have grown , you can see how well that fits in the total picture.

The youth was also discussed. Since 1984, the Dutch Junior Open takes place annually on Toxandria, which attracts young players from all over the world. Many, meanwhile well-known, golf professionals got all their fire baptism in Molenschot as a child.

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