95 Year Anniversary

This years we are celebrating the 95th anniversary of the North Brabant Golf Club Toxandria, founded on July 5, 1928.

The logo has been changed especially for this occasion, the lustrum color is turquoise and the theme of the lustrum is:

Tox on tour

During the year we take members "ON TOUR". past all kinds of events.

Of course we will play golf, after all that is our common denominator. In addition, on the anniversary we will have a lecture by a special speaker, of course this lecture will be about golf!
Culinice provides a fantastic dinner at the various events, there is an exchange with the Dommel and a car rally. Many of the events will be enlivened by various artists who will get the feet off the floor; in short, something for everyone.

The programme

We are going to make it a great year, together with our enthusiastic members. A Toxandria worthy lustrum, with and for each other, for 95 YEARS already!!!

The Lustrum Committee

The lustrum song

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