Perfect your game.

World class

Practice makes perfect! That is one thing that is certain. Toxandria has enough facilities to improve your golf game. Like a practice hole for your strokes of less than a hundred metres, up to a practice green with bunkers. On the driving range you have access to free golf balls, so you can work on your game endlessly.

The second floor

The driving range consists of two floors. If you go up the stairs, you get a wonderful feeling of freedom over a beautiful training field. Choose from the various targets to sharpen your game. Necessary competitions have already taken place between members to hit the ball into one of the nets as often as possible.

Special exercise material

Hans Berkhout and David van den Dungen also provide special practice equipment such as a swingfan or weighted clubs and during lessons also the use of a Trackman. All practice materials are displayed on the driving range and are also free to use. Looking for something special to practice with? Feel free to drop by the pro's to report your wish.


With Hans Berkhout and David van den Dungen you can improve your game, so what are you waiting for. Even in the evenings you can take private lessons with our top players. In any case, the league teams at Toxandria have benefited greatly in recent years. Using the Trackman and video recordings, they can improve your swing in no time.

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