Be part of the tradition.

Welcome to Toxandria.

The stylish country house offers the perfect atmosphere and facilities, all that the discerning golfer expects. Whether it is the spacious meeting room, the pro shop or the restaurant – the well-being of members and guests is always first priority. All rooms combine functionality and an elegant ambience to form a harmonious whole.

Rich in facilities

Toxandria has various practice facilities that create a lot of variety and training pleasure. These include our double-level driving range with various targets, a practice hole that has the quality of the rest of the golf course, a practice green in front of the clubhouse and practice bunkers behind our driving range with real green.

Close to Nature

Sustainable management and, where possible, development of new nature have been highly valued for many years by the Landgoed Toxandria, since 1928 the home of the North Brabantsche Golf Club Toxandria. The International GEO certification, committed to green, testifies for some years of this endeavor.


In good cooperation with various nature associations, Toxandria monitors the birds, wildlife and flora on and around the golf course every year.  In cooperation with the municipality, watering and province, the estate has created an ecological connection Zone for the benefit of the tree Frog. The 5.5 Bunder arable land is combined with the Stichting Korensla Classic cultivated with old cereals such as Risweit, buckwheat, bucket and spelt, which are then used by the local Centre for honey, beer and flour products.


A langgewenst hiking trail around the golf course makes a beautiful detour Molenschot along flowered grasslands possible. Examples of maximum commitment to sustainable nature management together with our neighbours. Toxandria wants to be a good steward of the nature entrusted to her and to underline that golf and nature are inextricably linked.

The "Old fifth"

Toxandria has so much history, which can be found everywhere in the clubhouse. Even the old holes and the location of the bunkers can still be seen in various photographs. We use the "old fifth" to keep the course qualifying in case of maintenance on one of the other holes. Many members sneak up on this hole because the inside shot is fantastic to play.

Love for the sport

A golf club that exudes love for the sport. We are! The quality of the golf course and its maintenance ensures that you play almost all year on summer greens and then they are also of good quality. Thus, everyone can enjoy the beautiful sport that is called golf for as long as possible with love. As a golf club, you make sure that your members and guests are satisfied and how else to keep the job with care in good condition.

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