Local rules


Outside the course:

Outside the track is indicated by posts with a white head.


Ground in progress (GUR), marked by blue posts with a green head, is a prohibited playing area. When obstructed by this prohibited playing area, it is compulsory to avoid it without penalty according to Rule 16.1f.

If land in cultivation is defined by blue posts or blue lines, may the player avoids the obstruction according to Rule 16.1.

Roads and Paths:
All paths are an integral part of the track.

The Goorbergseweg along or crossing holes 2, 3, 4 and 7 is considered a fixed obstacle from which avoidance without penalty is permitted under Rule 16.1.


Temporary local rules:

See bulletin boards.


PENALTY FOR OVERVIEW OF A PLACE RULE: General penalty (Rule 1.3c).


Green keepers have priority at all times. Wait until you get a sign or the orange blinking light is on the machine.


The distances on the sprinklers are measured to mid-green.

Temporary Local Rule

Prohibited play areas

Areas marked with blue posts with green heads are prohibited play areas which should be treated as an abnormal job condition.

In case of obstruction (ball location, position and or swing) by this prohibited playing zone, it is mandatory to avoid it without penalty according to Rule 16.1f.

(Determine the closest point no closer to the hole where the obstruction is avoided - PLEASE NOTE: the closest point may be a point not on the fairway, but, for example, among the trees!)

If the ball is not found when it is known or virtually certain to have entered a prohibited playing area, the player must act in accordance with Rule 16.1e (establish the reference point where the ball last crossed the boundary of the prohibited playing area).

2 Dropping zones:

If a ball is in the prohibited play zone at the green of hole 7, or in het marked area for the tees of hole 8 or if it is known or practically certain that a ball that has not been found has come to rest in these prohibited play zones, then the player may, as an additional option, without penalty, play the original ball or another ball in the there present drop zone drop.

This drop zone is a drop zone as referred to in Rule 14.3.

Penalty for playing ball from wrong place in infringement of local rule: General penalty according to Rule 14.7a.

Temporary Local Rule

Aeration holes

If the ball is in or against an aeration hole in the general area or on the green, the player may avoid the obstruction without penalty under Rule 16.1."

There is no obstruction if the aeration hole only obstructs the player's stance or, on the green, the player's line of play.

Temporary Local Rule

Damage caused by tire tracks

Cart ruts and the damage in the general area due to work are abnormal course condition and avoidance can be done according to Rule 16.1.

There is no impediment if the injury only impedes the player's standing.

Temporary Local Rule


If the ball in the general area mowed at fairway height or lower, the player may place one ball at a spot of their choice within 15 cm from where it was originally located, but not closer to the hole.

The ball may be moved or picked up and cleaned without penalty.

Once the ball is moved or placed it is in play.

Penalty for playing ball in violation of a local rule: general penalty according to Rule 1.3c.

Rule and Hcp committee, March 2023


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