18 holes baan in Molenschot, N.Br
Trots op haar rijke geschiedenis
Open voor iedereen: Leden, gasten, jeugd en professionals


Short history of the Club

The Noord-Brabantsche Golfclub Toxandria was founded on 5th July 1928 and was thus the first golf club in Brabant and Limburg. Charles Stulemeijer, a well-known industrialist from Breda, bought the ground and inaugurated the club.   He considered it important, both for his business and the city of Breda, to have a local golf course.   In the autumn of 1928 Copijn of Groenekan commenced the construction from designs by the golf course architect J.F. Morrison. He was a member of the leading firm of Colt, Allison and Morrison and designed nine beautiful holes for the 43 hectare site, which was primarily unused sand
ground with heather. The course was opened on 14th September 1929.

There were already 118 registered playing members; few compared to current levels, but in the Netherlands at that time there were only 1700 active golfers.   The ten clubs were thus all small.  Nevertheless, member numbers came under pressure due to the 1929 recession and dropped to about 100.  These members were, however, a close group of friends, who met each other every weekend in Molenschot. During the working week there was little play.

Paradoxically, it was the poor economic conditions which led to possibility of extending the course to 18 holes. Construction was paid for by subsidies which the government provided to help unemployed people into employment.  The design – on available ground – was by club secretary Wim Thunnissen. John Morrison approved his design. The 18-holes course was brought into use in 1937.

The years of the 2nd World War were difficult for Toxandria. The course is located close to a military airfield, which was a target for Allied air attacks. The Germans used part of the course to defend the airfield and they took over the club house.   Members continued to play golf, as much as possible under the circumstances, but membership numbers dropped to 53.   After the war recovery took several years, but in 1950 Toxandria organised the Netherlands International Open tournament which was won by Roberto de Vicenzo from Argentina.   Once again, in 1965, the most important tournament in the Netherlands took place on the course in Molenschot, but that was the last time.  The event had become too big for Toxandria.

After the club became the owner of the land in 1984, new investment became easier.   The purchase of extra land allowed two new holes – the 5th and 6th - to be laid out in 1994, enabling more space to be available on the estate. The new holes were designed by course architect J.F. Dudok van Heel, and now that the new trees have grown it can be seen how well they fit in to the overall course design.

The interests of young golfers have also been considered. Since 1984 Toxandria holds the international Dutch Junior Open tournament, attracting players from around the world.  Many current, well-known professional golfers began their careers at this tournament in Molenschot.